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For Sex Offenses

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A number of different offenses fall into the sex crimes category, but they generally involve or coerced sexual conduct against another individual.

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2 Sex Offenses and Offenders: Executive Summary . o Rapists and sexual assaulters serving time in State prisons were less likely to have had a prior conviction

New York State Sex Offender Registry Registerable Offenses March 22, 2012. Individuals convicted of one or more registerable offenses on or after January 21, 1996

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Forcible Sex Offenses . Forcible and sodomy are sexual offenses that have been widely recognized since the beginning of American common law.

Family Watch is a free service to help locate registered sex offenders and predators in your neighborhood

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The Sex Offender Registry now posts multiple photos of registered sex offenders, as they become available, to provide New Yorkers with additional information to keep

A sex offender (sexual offender, sex r, or sexual r) is a person who has committed a sex crime. What constitutes a sex crime differs by culture and legal

Sex Offenses. A class of sexual conduct prohibited by the law. Since the 1970s this area of the law has undergone significant changes and reforms. Although the

The Arizona sex offender information website provides information to the public concerning the location of sex offenders within Arizona.

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Society and policy makers have long struggled with finding effective ways to protect the public from sex offenders. A sex offender is a person who has been convicted

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